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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Eden (GH)Female/United States Groups :iconastral-assault-court: Astral-Assault-Court
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ESD Court App - Brecciated Jasper by GHRainbowFluorite ESD Court App - Brecciated Jasper :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 10 5 Bort Diamond by GHRainbowFluorite Bort Diamond :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 8 2 Kasumi Pearl Bust - AAC by GHRainbowFluorite Kasumi Pearl Bust - AAC :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 8 3 Septurian Nodule Doodle by GHRainbowFluorite Septurian Nodule Doodle :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 9 2 Lonsdaleite Court App - Septarian Nodule by GHRainbowFluorite Lonsdaleite Court App - Septarian Nodule :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 12 2 App-To-Adopt AAC Chibis - OPEN by GHRainbowFluorite App-To-Adopt AAC Chibis - OPEN :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 22 20 Purple Pearl Bust - AAC by GHRainbowFluorite Purple Pearl Bust - AAC :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 6 0 Sunset Star Sapphire Bust - AAC by GHRainbowFluorite Sunset Star Sapphire Bust - AAC :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 10 2 Celestite Bust - AAC by GHRainbowFluorite Celestite Bust - AAC :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 8 0 ESD Q1 - Full Art by GHRainbowFluorite ESD Q1 - Full Art :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 6 0 MoB Q1 - Full Art by GHRainbowFluorite MoB Q1 - Full Art :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 6 2 ESD Court Quest 1 - Prove Yourself by GHRainbowFluorite ESD Court Quest 1 - Prove Yourself :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 5 0 MoB Court Quest 1 - Welcome to the Court by GHRainbowFluorite MoB Court Quest 1 - Welcome to the Court :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 7 5 Rebels and Rejects App - Malachite by GHRainbowFluorite Rebels and Rejects App - Malachite :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 14 2 Maxx's Tattoo by GHRainbowFluorite Maxx's Tattoo :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 4 4 Draw this Again - Atlantisite by GHRainbowFluorite Draw this Again - Atlantisite :iconghrainbowfluorite:GHRainbowFluorite 10 4


[G] Purple Opal by YA1N [G] Purple Opal :iconya1n:YA1N 20 2 Moldavite V3 Ref by Bowtiewashere Moldavite V3 Ref :iconbowtiewashere:Bowtiewashere 2 0 Chibi Paypal Adopts - Random Gemstones #2 by Gaartes Chibi Paypal Adopts - Random Gemstones #2 :icongaartes:Gaartes 39 12 Islet Crash site by BlackStagBeetle Islet Crash site :iconblackstagbeetle:BlackStagBeetle 9 6 CoD doodles by LynnesGalaxy CoD doodles :iconlynnesgalaxy:LynnesGalaxy 10 9 200 by BlackStagBeetle 200 :iconblackstagbeetle:BlackStagBeetle 9 2 A - Wood Opal by Seopai A - Wood Opal :iconseopai:Seopai 81 5 [P] - Creator by Tyfordd [P] - Creator :icontyfordd:Tyfordd 17 4 C - Light Purple Pearl by Seopai C - Light Purple Pearl :iconseopai:Seopai 98 2 C - GrayDiamond by Seopai C - GrayDiamond :iconseopai:Seopai 113 10 $7/700 points Hope's Diamond Court (OPEN 7/7) by BotCp $7/700 points Hope's Diamond Court (OPEN 7/7) :iconbotcp:BotCp 53 9 Star Ruby by existential-png Star Ruby :iconexistential-png:existential-png 24 2 Rip Cleo 7-17-17 by Linkerbell Rip Cleo 7-17-17 :iconlinkerbell:Linkerbell 177 91 Polycrase by existential-png Polycrase :iconexistential-png:existential-png 36 5 SU | Star Peacock Diamond Concept by Pioy SU | Star Peacock Diamond Concept :iconpioy:Pioy 55 10 Azurite's Aquarium Application by BlackStagBeetle Azurite's Aquarium Application :iconblackstagbeetle:BlackStagBeetle 10 0
Other's wonderful Gemsonas and SU Art! And ya know, just great art.


I will make a chibi or chibi face of your gemsona! Please make sure you have a clear reference of your gem!
This commison is only for one chibi/chibi face.
Gem Points
This commission is for four gem points.
If four seems like to many, or perhaps too few, please note me, and we can talk.
Please make sure you have clear references of the gems you would like to be used.
Lineless Doodle
One lineless doodle of your gemsona in a randomized color palette.
Please make sure you have a clear reference of the gemsona.
Random Gem
I choose the gem and the design, while you just get the result. Total creative freedom for me, and you get a new gemsona!
Chosen Gem
You pick the gem, and some design aspects, such as weapons, gem location, or minor details. I try to create a gem based on your desires, while also taking my own creative freedom. 
Gem Fanart
I'll draw your gemsona, so long as there is a clear reference image of your gemsona. I will not draw a sona I cannot see clearly. 
Magical Girl
Commish for one magical girl
- Can be themed or random
- Can come with weapon or partner
- For one magical girl



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440 / 100,000
If you wanna throw points my way, go ahead. I won't stop you.
Actually I might. Save your points for a nice commish or something.

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GHRainbowFluorite's Profile Picture
Eden (GH)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hey, this is the DA for GHRainbow Fluorite! Please, feel free to call me GH!
Watermark - V1 by GHRainbowFluorite
Tiny Chibi RFlo by GHRainbowFluorite

While a lot of the art will be gemsona artwork, I also post a lot of gemsona RP artwork, Original Characters, various sketches and experimentation!
You are more than welcome to talk to me about OCs, Steven Universe, or just chit-chat in general! I am always willing to chat!

Stargazer Darcy by GHRainbowFluorite Ysmay Chibi by GHRainbowFluorite Sli-Den Chibi by GHRainbowFluorite
Achriel Chibi by GHRainbowFluorite

*Please note that I am over 18, so view carefully!*


App-To-Adopt AAC Chibis - OPEN
:iconastral-assault-court: :iconastral-assault-court: :iconastral-assault-court: 


Decided to make some gems for AAC! 

little star You MUST use these gems in the AAC. If you do not use them for the group, they will be reclaimed, and you will no longer own them.
little star If you do not make an application sheet after 10 days of winning them, I will reclaim them, unless an arrangement is reached.
little star Read the rules of the Court: Rules for Moon of Baroda's and Earth Star's Court
little star If you win the gem, you are allowed to make some changes to the design (color; outfit; etc), but they must remain recognizable.
little star To ensure that you have read the rules, you must list the word "blacklight" somewhere in your application. 
little star You are not allowed to put the gem into another court (a gem made for MoB's Court must stay in that court).
little star To apply for a gem, you MUST full out the application below:

_______________Fill out ALL of the application:_____________________
Theme Song: (Provide a link to a song you would find fitting as your gem's theme)

Name: (What is your gem's name? Any nicknames?)

Gem Type/Location: (What type of gem are they? Where is their gem located?)

Pronouns: (What pronouns does your gem use?)

Rank: (Please read the following journal to see what rank is the most fitting for your gem)
>>> Ranking System <<<

Appearance: (Briefly, what does your gem's outfit and hair look like?)

Powers/Abilities: (What kind of abilities does your gem posses? These can include both major and minor ones.)

Weapons: (What weapon does your gem use?)

Personality: (What kind of personality does your gem have? How do they interact with others in their world? What makes them unique?)

Backstory: (What is your gem's history? How did their past shape them? How did they come to join the court?)

Other: (Put other misc. info here, such as ownership or information that does not fit anywhere else?)

Gems up for Adoption:

--- Earth Star Diamond's Court Adopts ---
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Alexandrite | Right Cheek | 0 Offers
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Rubellite | Right Arm | 0 Offers
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Phosphosiderite | Left Hand | 2 Offers
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Eudialyte | Right Temple | 1 Offer
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Charoite | Left Side of Head | 0 Offers

--- Moon of Baroda's Court Adopts ---
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Sunstone | Lower Chest | 0 Offers
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Rhodonite | Fusion: Left Arm and Hand | 0 Offers
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Rhodochrosite | Location Unknown | 1 Offer
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Sphene | Navel | 1 Offer
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Sinhalite | Mouth | 0 Offers

Good luck! This closes Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!little starDot Bullet (Red) - F2U! July 22nd Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!little starDot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! !
If you can't join, please spread the word!
Why am I starting to hate all of my old gems >___<
ESD Court App - Brecciated Jasper


Theme Song: TBA

Name: Brecciated Jasper; Breccia; Jasper; Perfect Jasper; VVS1

Gem Type/Location: Quartz (Jasper); Navel

Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her

Rank: Corona

Appearance: Grey bodysuit with dark red color, boots with knees cut out, and long grey gloves. Long separated light grey hair with spiked tufts on top. Three eyes and markings.

Spin Dash/Charge - Like many Quartz, Jasper can roll up into a fiery ball and shoot herself towards enemies.
Brute Strength - Jasper is super strong, and can fight stronger than the average warrior. Her gem is considered to be quite the flawless cut, improving her power on an innate and biological level. 
Breccia - If one of her limbs gets detached, they will continue to fight and work for a limited amount of time, still able to send senses and feedback to Jasper. 

Weapons: While Jasper prefers to use her fists and body as weapons, she rarely ever summons her crystal cuff guards.

Personality: Jasper is super rowdy, loving to be physical and pushy with other gems. She is most in her element when she's fighting, and lives for it. While she's pretty joyous and lively, she can be pretty oblivious to just how physical and crude she can be. She's never been told anything but to fight and that she's good at it. When she's not fighting, she's training, and when she's not training, she's waiting for the next battle.

Backstory: In an off-world kindergarten, Jasper was formed with a perfect cut, and was trained by Homeworld by the most elite teachers, even training alongside cannon Jasper to become a masterful Quartz fighter. During her first fight, she prove herself to be an excellent fighter, given so much praise that inflated her ego. After a few wars, she was drafted into a war and was seen by Earth Star Diamond. Earth Star was entranced by the fighter, who drafted Jasper into her army.

Other:  If you'd want to make her a pearl, holla at me

Bort Diamond
I made another Diamondsona >w>

Meet Bort (or Bortz) Diamond, the most 3DgY diamond. She's really overcooked and extremely flawed. At her most emotionally stable, Bortz's flaws are limited to her feet being replaced for another set of arms, yet the more angered, upset, or frustrated she gets, the more defects begin to come about.  
And now for her Tr4Dg1C B4Ck5T0rY! She was made in the same kindergarten as many other Diamonds, and was planned to come out as a Chocolate Diamond, yet her injection side was too poor, and she come out incredibly poor and contaminated. While she is just as strong as a regular Diamond, and even more resourceful, she's very mentally unstable. She was practically ignored when she first came out of the ground, and since she couldn't make much noise or talk, no gem paid attention to her, since they focused on preparing the important and perfect Diamonds.
She decided that she would go and life her own life, separate from anyone else, since most just ignore her, and refuse her existence. She shatters and gem that gets in her way, and alternatively shatters any gem that tries to follow or befriend her.
She's a live wire.

Working on making a little dinky sports club AU for my (and maybe your) Envoy Federation gems!
If you'd like to have your gem in the AU too, just leave me a comment and we can chat! B)
It's just for fun!

:iconlynnesgalaxy:'s Dimmy - Coach (duh! ;D)
Es - Vault jump; Pole vaulting - Track AU - Es
Sap - Shot put - Track AU - Sap
:iconmaxxolotl:'s Mags - Long jump
:icongoldblockingot:'s Tiger Eye - 100 meter dash

And that's all I have so far!
Expect some sketches and stuff! :)


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B-F-T-A Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! You've got a gallery full of lovely gems,  and I'd love to see more of your great work!
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :>
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It was a really lovely piece!
I love the angle and the reflection of the water :)
HeatherBellGrey Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was actually not planned. 😅 I was just going to draw her, and then I thought. "What if Steven saw her swimming near the surface?" So I tested it, and it turned out okay!

Thank you very much. You're too kind. 😁😊
Tyfordd Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hope you have a great oooneeee!!
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